We offer several options for you to easily embed your live video and/or archived video on your website.  (If you want to embed the whole Go Player, (including your choice of Bible, giving, chat, and more features) then see our article on how to embed your Go Player.)

You can embed your live video and/or publicly archived videos on your website in just a few minutes.  With a few clicks you can copy an embed code that you can place in the content management system you use for your website, or give it to your website administrator so that your live and on demand videos can be where you want on your website. 

Log into your Sunday Streams Manager then click on Embed Code > Get Code.

On the Embed Code page you can select the size of the iframe that you want to place on your website as well as the position and size of the playlist. Click Update Code then simply copy the code and paste it into your content management system or give it to your website administrator.  If you want to start over with the default settings click Reset to Default Settings.

(Many churches simply include a menu, text, or image link on their website to their Go Player so that they can take advantage of the mobile responsive page and all of the customization options.  That is another option for you to consider instead of using the embed code.)