This is typically a result of an issue with your streaming computer, encoder setting or Internet connection. For example, if there is a temporary break in your Internet connection or if your streaming computer temporarily freezes then there will be a break in your broadcast that could result in there being more than one archive file for that broadcast.

The following three steps in our 10 Simple Steps to Improve Your Broadcast Quality may help you to resolve these issues.

#1 - Set Proper Bit Rate for Your Broadcast

#4 - Check Your Encoding Computer CPU Load

#9 - Use Hard Wired Internet Connection

An easy, good test you can try is to reduce your broadcast to a very low resolution and bit rate, such as 320x240 and 300 Kbps, to see if you are still having problems with videos becoming separate files. If things work at those low resolutions and bit rates, then you can adjust the resolution and bit rate up again to see at what settings the problem starts happening.  This process may help you to identify the issue or it may help you find acceptable settings that don't involve you needing a new Internet connection, computer, encoder, or video capture device.

The Diagnostics Reports in your Sunday Streams Manager (found by clicking Reports > More > Diagnostics) can also be very helpful with diagnosing the issue. The Diagnostics Report shows a minute by minute snapshot of your broadcast bit rate on any day that you have broadcast. The chart should show very consistent block sizes which would show a stable broadcast. For example, if in your Diagnostic Report you notice your bit rate is very erratic then it would suggest that the problem may be with your cpu usage being too high, other programs running in the background, suboptimal encoder settings, or an issue with the Internet connection.

You are welcome to contact us for assistance in troubleshooting and resolving the issue you that you are having with the video breaking into separate files.