Using the Sunday Streams Live Encoder (SSLE) is one of the simplest ways to help ensure that you reach the largest possible mobile audience. This is because SSLE uses H.264 video encoding and AAC audio encoding, which works well for viewing on iOS and Android devices. Other encoders, including vMix, VidBlaster (v3.26 and newer) as well as Wirecast also have the H.264/AAC options (and streaming hardware such as Paladin and the 1Beyond StreamMachine which use Wirecast). However, encoders such as Flash Media Live Encoder on a PC as well as TriCasters that use FMLE for streaming, may not offer AAC audio, using mp3 audio instead can cause audio issues on some mobile devices or other browsers (NOTE: The Mac version of FMLE does have AAC an an option, also you can purchase an AAC option for FMLE for PC). If there is no AAC option, you can use the MP3 option in stereo at a sample rate of 44100. 

To do a simple test to see if you are streaming ok for mobile, please use these settings below in your SSLE (or other H.264/AAC capable encoder) to see if things work on your iOS or Android devices. NOTE: Not all Android devices are compatible as there are many variations of these devices. If you are having issues viewing with Android devices in the Go Player or iFrame embed, try using the Sunday Streams Android app which is our most mobile compatible player on Android.

Output Size: 320x240

Video Bit Rate: 300 Kbps (or slightly higher, maybe up to 400 Kbps)

Audio Bit Rate: 128 Kbps

The simplest way to reach mobile devices is to simply use our Sunday Streams Live Encoder with a single bit rate SD stream with the settings described above. However, if you are looking to do a much higher quality primary stream (i.e. a very high SD quality or any HD quality), you will need to use the Sunday Streams Multi Bit Rate (MBR) feature to reach mobile devices as well. To learn more about using the MBR feature with SSLE view the help video. Other encoders, such as Wirecast, also support the MBR feature and are covered in a help video. However, please remember that the key feature to reach mobile is the H.264/AAC encoding options. If you are using an MBR encoder other than SSLE or Wirecast, please be sure your encoder supports H.264/AAC encoding.

On the viewer end, both our Go Player and iFrame embed codes are mobile friendly and work with iOS and Android devices. If you are having any troubles viewing on iOS or Android devices please be sure that you are using our latest versions of the Go Player or iFrame embed codes. You may also want to try using our free iOS and Android apps at the links below.

Sunday Streams iOS App in iTunes

Sunday Streams Android App in Google Play

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us by phone or by email through our website contact page or through our Sunday Streams Manager support page.