The first item is to mention that we are here to help if you have any questions at all. You can reach us by phone and by email through our website contact page or through our Sunday Streams Manager support pagePlease remember that these instructions below are for Mac setups. If you are using a PC as your streaming computer, please see the PC setup section.

NOTE: This quick setup guide focuses on the Flash Media Live Encoder for Mac (FMLE), however Sunday Streams works with many other software encoders such as VidBlaster (PC), FMLE (PC or Mac), Wirecast (PC or Mac), vMix (PC), etc. as well as many hardware encoders such as Paladin, StreamMachine, Tricaster, LiveShell PRO, Viewcast Niagara 2200, Teradek Cube, etc. More details about these other encoder settings can be found in the Sunday Streams Manager, however the basic setup concepts are the same as below.

Step 1: Setting up your Flash Media Live Encoder for Mac (FMLE)

The short video below shows you how to download/install/configure your FMLE and be up and running with your first live stream in just a few short minutes.

Step 2: Bringing video into FMLE for Mac

Much about bringing video into FMLE is covered in the help video above, but to summarize, typically the live streaming setup requires some sort of video capture device on your computer. It may be a simple web cam, or a firewire camera connected to your firewire input, a PCIe, Thunderbolt, or possibly a USB connected video capture device. We find that most of our clients have everything they need for streaming (computer, video camera, Internet connection, etc.), however in many cases this video capture device to bring your video camera or video system signal into the streaming computer is the one piece you may need to purchase. A popular video capture device for Mac is one of the Blackmagic Design Intensity devices (please be sure to check system requirements). Or, if you do not already have a webcam to try, a simple web cam such as the Logitech C920 may be a good option as well (about $100). See the links below for current pricing and purchasing information on

Intensity Pro PCIe (Mac Compatible, check system requirements)

Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt (Mac Compatible, check system requirements)

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 (Mac Compatible, check system requirements)

Step 3: Bringing audio into FMLE for Mac

The most common way to bring audio into FMLE for Mac is through the computer's microphone line-in port. If you do not have a microphone line-in port, you can likely use the audio input of your video capture device.

Step 4: View your stream

One of the most popular ways of viewing your stream is using our Go Player. This is probably the easiest method to get up and running and it takes just a couple of clicks of the mouse to setup your Go Player in the Sunday Streams Manager. Below is a help video that explains things in more detail. Alternatively, you can use the iFrame embed if you prefer the more standard player to embed directly on your website.

Sample Setup Concepts

Below are a couple sample concepts to show some configuration options using the Blackmagic Design Intensity series video capture devices. You are not limited to these exact setup, most importantly, these various concepts showcase the flexibility available with your setup options.

That is about it! If you have the equipment you need already, the setup usually takes less than 15 minutes to get up and running. Plus, if you find that after you start your free trial that you do not have all the needed equipment we will be happy to extend your trial to be sure you get the full 30 days to test things. Remember, if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us by phone or by email through our website contact page or through our Sunday Streams Manager support page.