Unfortunately there isn't a one size fit all answer to this question as it depends on what your current or planned setup is.  (There are a few images of sample set ups at the bottom of this article.)

Many times you will need a video capture device which is a device that brings in the video and/or audio from your camera or switcher to the computer you use for encoding.  There are many different video capture device options that will let you bring video and/or audio into the computer you are using to stream your service.  

Choosing a video capture device involves looking at several considerations:

  • What type of computer are you using to stream and what is its operating system? 
  • Do you want to stream in SD or HD? 
  • What is your budget?

Below you can find a list of a few video capture devices that are popular with some of our clients along with notes on whether they are for SD or HD and for PCs or Macs.  (Please do check the manufacturer's tech specs or hardware requirements for devices you are considering to make sure you get a device that works with your setup.)  

Sample Setup Concepts

Below are several sample concepts to show some of the configuration options using a video capture device, the KWorld in these images. You are not limited to these exact setups, these concepts simply showcase the flexibility available with your setup options.

If after you start your free trial you find that you do not have all the needed equipment, we will be happy to extend your trial to be sure you get the full 30 days to test things.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 855-278-7326, on live chat at www.sundaystreams.com, or submit a new support ticket.