Flash Media Live Encoder is an encoder option for both Macs and PCs with only a few differences.  (The major difference is that FMLE for PCs does not broadcast in an audio format that is compatible with Android devices while FMLE for Mac is compatible with Android devices, in addition to iOS and computers as both of them are.  If you are using a PC to stream from we recommend using SSLE, VidBlaster Sunday Streams Edition, or another PC Encoder to have the most mobile friendly stream.)


The first step is to download and install the Flash Media Live Encoder.  A link to it can be found in your Sunday Streams Manager by clicking PC Encoders > FMLE > Download.  The direct link for the page is http://www.sundaystreams.com/manager/?action=show_fmle_download.

Bring Video Into Your Streaming Computer

This requires some sort of video capture device on your computer. It may be a simple web cam, or a firewire camera connected to your firewire input, or more likely, a USB video capture device. You can info about several popular video capture devices in the knowledgebase.

Configure Flash Media Live Encoder

Once you have FMLE running and your video/audio input devices coming into your computer, the next step is to configure it to work with Sunday Streams. There are 3 main parts to configure: Video, Audio, and Stream to Flash Server. We will cover each of these below.

Video (see left column of screenshot)

- Device: Should be your input device, typically a USB video capture device (see "Bring Video Into Your Streaming Computer" above)

- Format: Set to H.264 

    (click the wrench next to the H.264 and set the Profile to Baseline, the Level to 3.0, and the Keyframe Frequency to 5 seconds) 

- Frame Rate: Set to 29.97 fps

- Input Size: May want to start with 320x240 and increase later as desired.

- Bit Rate: Set to 350 kbps for starters, increase to improve quality based on your available bandwidth.

- Output Size: May want to start with 320x240 and increase later as desired.

(The 10 Helpful Tips article provide good advice and recommendations for selecting resolutions and bit rates that work well with each other.)

Audio (see center column of screen shot, below the video image)

- Device: Select your audio device

- Format: mp3 is the only choice on PCs (This isn't as mobile friendly with some devices as the AAC format you can get with other encoders is. There is an option to purchase an AAC plugin for FMLE on PC through a third party.)

- Channels: Stereo

- Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

- Bit Rate: 128 Kbps

- Volume: Typically set to somewhere in the middle

Stream to Flash Media Server (see right column of screen shot, below the video image)

- FMS URL: Copy this from your FMLE > Quick Setup page in the Sunday Streams Manager.

- Backup URL: Leave blank

- Stream: Copy this from your FMLE > Quick Setup page in the Sunday Streams Manager.

- Auto Adjust: Check this box and also select Degrade Quality

- Save to File: Check this box and click browse to select where you want to save a local backup and to name the file.  Saving a local backup isn't required, but it is a best practice and we do recommend it.  

Start Streaming

To start streaming simply click the green "Start" button at the bottom and you should now be streaming live.

FMLE Setup Help Video