There are several basic changes, such as to width, height, playlist position and size, that you can make to your embed code in Sunday Streams Manager by clicking on Embed Code > Get Code.  There are several more customizations that you can make to your embed code by directly modifying the embed code you copied from the Sunday Streams Manager.  

For the following changes you only need to change or add code to the url that is in parentheses in the embed code.  If the embed code was <iframe width="640" height="580" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> then the url that you would be editing or adding tags to would be

Single Video Tag 

&vid=XXXXX     (enter the database video ID)  An easier way to both get the video ID and/or an embed code for an individual video is found in the Manage Videos section of the Sunday Streams Manager of the Public tab.  Click Options then Embed Single Video for the individual video embed code which already contains the video id. 

Pause at Start

&ps=1     (1=pause, 0=play at start)  Add this tag to the end of the url to control if a video pauses or plays right away.  


&responsive=1     (1=responsive, 0=fixed size)  Add this tag to the end of the url to control if it is responsive or not.  You will likely also want to change the width and height in the embed code to 100%.  So the width="640" height="580" part of the code will change to width="100%" height="100%" Depending on your css settings leaving off the height may also work. 

Live Player Only, Archives Only, or Both

/1/&w=     (/1/&w=  live and archives, /2/&w= live only, or /3/&w= archives only)  Change the 1 to a 2 or 3 to set the player to be live only or archive vides only.  Note, this setting does not work with single video tag.  

Playlist Position

&pp=0      (0=hide, 1=bottom, 2=right)  Change this part of the url to control where the playlist displays or if it should be hidden.  

Playlist Width/Height

&pwh=220     (set to value to use)  Change this part of the url to control the width or height of the playlist, depending on what position it it set for.  

Player Action

&playeraction=hls     (0=default, or hls or rtsp)  Add this tag to the end of the url to set what default type of stream you want to be the default if you do not want the default.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.