Here is the quick summary for new features available with the free Summer 2015 upgrades. All accounts created after 9/30/2015 have these features already enabled, previously created accounts can request free upgrades to their accounts to activate these features.

Option 1 - FREE Player Upgrade Only (Little or no configuration changes required)

Upgrade to our latest video player for integrated Facebook, Twitter, and email social sharing as well as the ability to embed videos directly in Facebook and Twitter. Also included is the advanced Google Analytics integration which includes the very exciting "Real Time" analytics as well as our video playlists features to categorize videos directly in the Go Player and/or iFrame embed codes. This free upgrade also includes interactive icons in the iFrame and Go Player video screens for downloading your app(s), Roku channel link, Bible, countdown timer, and link to online giving. Lastly, this upgrade includes general improvements in the responsive iFrame embed code, API access, as well as improved mobile compatibility. This upgrade does not require any changes on your end if you use our Go Player. However, if you are using the iFrame embed code you would simply need to copy/paste the new version iFrame embed code on your website (we are here to help if needed). No other changes would be required on your end.

Option 2 - FREE Full Upgrade (Some basic configuration changes required)

The full upgrade includes all the above, plus our new adaptive video player system, podcasts, high resolution Roku and iOS/Android app for both live and archives, video quality selection directly in the video player (i.e. pick various bit rate options or "audio only"), direct Chromecast integration, automated archiving after broadcasts, automated encoding for mobile after broadcasts, and the new system now uses mp4 files. Please note that this upgrade does require some changes on your end. If you use our iFrame embed option, you would need to update your iFrame embed code (copy/paste from our Manager to your website). Plus, you would need to update your all encoder settings to use the new mp4 file system (it is fairly simple and takes just a minute or two to do).