You can trim a non public video that you make public at the same time that you are naming your video file.

Whether you are looking to keep only the sermon for video archives to make it easier for viewers to watch or save storage space, trim unwanted video from the beginning or end of your service, or change the video's thumbnail image the ability to trim your video when making it public can help you. The thumbnail image is presently selected from about 2 seconds into the start of the video file so by trimming the beginning to a second or two before the image that you want will change the thumbnail to the image you want.

In the Manage Videos > Non Public select the video that you want to make public and trim and make it public.

Click either of the trim video buttons on the page that opens up to let you name your video file.

To trim the video move the green and red sliders to set the start and end of the video segment that you want to save. When you move a slider it will show where the in the video that the slider is. The - and + buttons let you fine tune where you start and stop the video and the play start and play end buttons will show you the first or last five seconds of where the video will trim. To start the trim and make the video public click the Continue button then give the video a name and click the Make Archive Public button.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email or at 855-278-7326 for further assistance.

Presently this feature is only available for nonpublic video that was a file created from your stream and isn't available yet for videos that are already public or have been uploaded.