There is a technology trend of moving away from using Flash (a plugin) for playing video on the internet and moving towards using HTML5 video. Now that the majority of browsers are supporting HTML5 video for live streaming as well archive videos you are able to set the player used in your embed code and Go Player to use HTML5 as the primary format and fall back to Flash if needed. With the prior player mobile devices did get a HTML5 video but non-mobile devices utilized Flash.

It is extremely important that you set your encoder to use AAC as the audio format for your stream instead of using mp3 as the audio format because using the mp3 format can cause the audio to not be delivered in your stream for some browsers. The vast majority of encoders support sending your stream with AAC audio format. If your encoder doesn't support AAC audio you will likely want to switch to a free or paid encoder that does support AAC audio format, hold off on moving to the HTML5 player, or contact us for assistance and recommendations.

To Switch to the HTML5 Player

To switch your video player to one that starts off playing HTML5 video if the browser supports that before falling back to a flash player, please activate that option in your Sunday Streams Manger by going to Account Settings > Upgrades and click View Details and Request Upgrade.

Review the details and click Activate FREE HTML5 Upgrade.

There is nothing more to do, your embed code and Go Player not use the new player that will deliver HTML5 video as the primary format on all browsers and devices.

How to check to see if my account is using this feature?

In the Sunday Streams Manager click on Account Settings > Upgrades and see if the image below is shown. If it is present then this feature is active on your account.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email or at 855-278-7326 for further assistance.