You can send your stream to Sunday Streams and have us send your stream on to Facebook Live. To activate this feature in the Sunday Streams Manager click on Player Options More > Third Party > Facebook Live and activate it. It can only be activated when you are not in the midst of sending a stream to us.

Once the Facebook Live feature is activated in Sunday Streams you are able to copy and paste the RTMP url from Facebook Live into the Sunday Streams Manager so that the next stream that you start after adding the url will be sent to the Facebook Live RTMP url. A Facebook Live RTMP url is only good for a one time use and a new one will need to be used before the next broadcast.

To get the RTMP url from Facebook to enter into the Sunday Streams Manager:

  • Open up Facebook with an account that has admin or editor role for your Facebook page. 
  • Go to your Facebook page.
  • Click Publishing Tools at the top of the page.
  • Click Videos on the left column.  (Tip: To save time you may want to bookmark this page to easily get to it next time.)
  • Click Live

  • Copy the Single Field Server or Stream URL

To enter the RTMP into the Sunday Streams Manager:

  • Log in the Sunday Streams Manger
  • Click Player Options More
  • Click Third Party
  • Click Facebook Live (Tip: To save time you may want to bookmark this page to easily get to it next time.)
  • Paste the Single Field Stream URL copied from Facebook into the New Single Field URL field
  • Click Update Settings

Start the stream on your Encoder.

Go Live on Facebook:

  • Return to the browser tab you have Facebook in.
  • Click Next
  • Type the content of your post in the What's on your mind field.
  • Type the video title
  • Make sure that your video displays in the Preview box on the right.
  • Click Go Live

Your video is now streaming out to both Sunday Streams and Facebook Live.


  • You may want to bookmark your Facebook page's  Publishing Tools > Videos page and also the Sunday Streams Manager's Player Options More > Third Party > Facebook Live page so that you can open up both sites quickly in a tab to make copy this process very quick.


  • If you are on a legacy account from 2015 or before and haven't taken advantage of the free upgrade then you need to first do the free upgrade first before being able to activate the Facebook Live feature on Sunday Streams. That can be scheduled by going to Account Settings > Upgrades and selecting the free upgrade.

  • If your video doesn't display in the preview please check your encoder settings to make sure that you are sending out a 1280x720 resolution or smaller, using a frame rate of 30 or 29.97, a keyframe of 2 seconds or less, and AAC audio format at a 44.1 KHz audio sample rate.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us by email or at 855-278-7326 for further assistance.