If you have an account from mid-2015 or before and haven't yet requested and completed the upgrade to the current system please follow the following steps.  

Request the free upgrade in the Sunday Streams Manager found by clicking Account Settings > Upgrades. Once you get an email letting you know that you can schedule the cutover date you can do so at Account Settings > Upgrades. On that day you will get an email when the account has been upgraded and the following steps need to be taken before streaming. If you need assistance beyond the help video and instructions below you can contact us for assistance at 855-278-7326.

Steps you need to complete before streaming:


Encoder Connection Info

  • You will need to update your encoder's connection information (the RTMP URL and stream name). You can find that in the Sunday Streams Manager > PC or Mac Encoders and then click on the encoder you use. If you are streaming in multi-bit rate you would need to use the multi-bit rate settings. If you have any questions you can view the help video and/or article for your specific encoder at http://support.sundaystreams.com/support/solutions/104679 or in the Sunday Streams Manager.
  • If you get a message the account is deactivated, please Log Out of the Manager using the link in the menu on the left and then log back into the Sunday Streams Manager.

Bit Rates & Resolutions

Embed Code (Only necessary if you use an embed code)

  • If you are using an embed code on your website you will need to change the embed code on your website to the new embed code that you can get in the Sunday Streams Manager at Embed Code > Get Code.

Custom Apps & Roku (Only necessary if you use our API, m3u8 links for an app, or have a custom app / Roku channel)

  • If you have custom apps, a custom Roku channel, or are using our API or m3u8 links you will need to get a new API or m3u8 link from the Sunday Streams Manager at Player Options > More > API. If your custom apps and Roku channel are through us, we can assist you and be reached at apphelp@sundaystreams.com with any questions.


The Go Player and regular Sunday Streams apps and Roku channel doesn't need any changes since your stream ID is still the same.


Please let us know if you have any questions and we would be glad to assist you. We are available to assist you 10am - 10pm on Monday - Friday and 7am -10pm on Saturday. Urgent support is also available Sundays, however, we do strongly recommend that you make these updates and do a short test prior to your weekend stream. 

You can reach us at 855-278-7326 or submit a ticket and/or search our knowledge base 24/7 at support.sundaystreams.com.