With the Sunday Streams API you can integrate your Sunday Streams media with your own apps, Roku, HTML5, or other custom players. This allows you to fully customize your viewing system and options to fully meet your own custom design and interface needs. Plus, API access is a free service with all of our packages.

The API is basically an XML feed with your live stream and all of your archive data (archive name, date, etc.) including the .m3u8 link to insert into your own customized player (app, Roku, HTML5 player, etc.). Once you have linked the Sunday Streams API with your system it will provide real time information on each API request such that your system can update automatically with new content (for example, new archive videos will automatically appear in the XML feed as they are published).

To get started, simply visit the Player Options -> More... -> API page to access the available feed URLs to integrate with your own custom players.