You can send your stream to us using a streaming hardware encoder, a software encoder on a PC or Mac, or even stream directly from your phone or tablet using a free app.

If you are using a software encode on a PC or Mac we have the following general minimum computer specification recommendations. If you know what software encoder that you want to use it is best to look at the specific minimum requirements listed for that encoder. Some of those pages include vMix hardware info, Wirecast hardware info, and VidBlaster hardware info.

Streaming in HD

  • We recommend something equivalent to a quad or hex-core Intel core i7 processor with 3 GHz and 8GB RAM

Streaming in SD

  • We recommend something equivalent to at least a dual core processor that has at least 2 GHz and 4GB RAM

Often times a streaming computer may need a capture device to bring in the video from a camera in a way that the computer and software encoder can handle it. 

If you don't already have a computer that you are wanting to dedicate to streaming, you may want to consider using a streaming hardware device. We have several options available for rent and can also discuss other recommendations that we may have based on chatting about your streaming goals and budget if you wanted to contact us at 855-278-7326 or live chat at