Setting the proper bit rate for your broadcast is the most important setting in determining the quality of your broadcast. 

Optimally, you would want to have your combined video and audio broadcast bit rate set at no more than 50-70% of your available upload speed. (Please keep in mind that you may start experiencing issues if you set your broadcast bit rate higher than this suggested limit.  For instance, if your broadcast bit rate goes higher than your actual upload speed then you will experience issues such as choppy broadcasts and encoder crashes.)

You can check your available upload speed of your internet connection speed by using this speed test.

For example, if your speed test shows that you have a total upload speed of 900 kbps (0.9 Mbps), we would recommend setting your total broadcast bit rate (video and audio) at no more than 630 kbps (e.g. 900 kbps x 0.7 = 630 kbps).

In addition, you will want to make sure you optimize your bit rate based on your output resolution of your broadcast. Below is a chart that shows some basic starting points for broadcast bit rate based on output resolution. However, please keep in mind, broadcasting at higher bit rates and resolution requires more than just enough bandwidth. See our broadcasting on PC or a Mac articles as well as our Set Your Proper Output Resolution article for additional details.