Downloading a previously recorded broadcast to your computer is easy and quick.

  • In the Sunday Streams Manager, click on Manage Videos and then click on Public or Nonpublic, depending on if the file you want to download is public or nonpublic.
  • Click the download link and your video will be downloaded in mp4 format. (Video files can be very large so it may take a few minutes to completely download the video depending on your download speed.)

If you need to work with the video in a file format other than mp4 you can convert it using video conversion software.  You may have one on your computer or you could download a program, such as a video converter from  

Even though you can download video from your Sunday Streams Manager, we still recommend that you make a local recording of your video. You can follow the help videos for any of the encoders in the knowledgebase to see how to set up the recording options for that specific encoder if the option is available. This would also save you the step of downloading the video since it would already be on your computer.