In the Sunday Streams Manager you will click on the Manage Videos section. This takes you to the list of Non Public videos area where recordings of recent streams are kept. To make a video public so it can be watched on-demand:

  • Click on the Make Public button (has a media icon on it)
  • If you wish to trim the video you may do so by clicking on the Trim Video button. 
  • Name the video
  • Click Make Archive Public

The video will be made public and available to be viewed on-demand shortly.

There is a feature to automatically make public any nonpublic video file longer than 10 minutes. To activate this feature click on the Automate tab in the Manage Videos section of the Sunday Streams Manager and then select that you would like use the automate feature. However, since the name of the video will be the date and time of the stream you will likely want to go into the Public Videos and edit the title of the video, or simply follow the quick steps to make a video public manually above since it will only take a minute and gives you the option to trim the video as well.

(Note: The recording of streams that you have made are kept for 14 days in the Non Public folder before they are deleted. If you'd like to make the video public please complete the steps above to move it to the Public folder before the 14 days are up. If you move a public video to the Non Public folder it will not be deleted after 14 days.)