There are some important limitations to our website system that we needed to put in place to be able to afford to offer our website system as a free add-on to our streaming packages, however, we have designed our system to try and meet the website needs of the majority of our clients so, even with the website limitations mentioned below, there is still a good chance our website system is a great solution for your church's website.

Limited website development and website support

Since our website system is a free add-on, we can not afford to develop your website for you and we can't afford to offer full support for every question you may have about our website system. However, we do start your own website's development off with a basic template website that we designed specifically for churches that use Sunday Streams, and we can help you with the basic questions, especially questions you may have about integrating Sunday Streams features into your website. Please don't hesitate to ask for help with your website, and if your requests go beyond the scope of what we can provide for free, then we'll suggest other resources and options available to you.

Limited website plugins and website themes

To simplify and streamline our website system, we offer very limited plugins and themes. We only offer the Divi theme (and a default Wordpress theme), and we've only installed a handful of custom plugins for you to use such as a Facebook plugin, Twitter plugin, calendar plugin, etc. However, the Divi theme is very powerful and actually contains many of its own plugin-type features such as a contact form and a Google map feature. You can also request new plugins for us to add, but we are very discerning about adding new plugins as we want to be confident that the plugins we add are secure, stable, well maintained, and useful for the majority of our clients. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a need for plugins and themes beyond what we offer with our website system because we may be able to arrive at a solution to meet your needs.

Limited website storage space and bandwidth

To keep our website system affordable and fast, we limit your website storage to 1 GB on our SSD drive. However, this limited amount of space shouldn't be an issue because your videos and podcasts are stored elsewhere as part of your Sunday Streams live streaming service where with the $49/month and $79/month streaming packages you get 100 GB and 300 GB storage space respectively. It is very difficult to use up your 1 GB of storage space for text and images on a typical 5 to 20 page church website, especially if the images are properly sized for use on a website. There is no set limits on bandwidth, and we have never yet had a website use too much bandwidth, but if you have huge bandwidth needs for your website, then our free add-on website may not be the best solution.