Sunday Streams Chat is a very basic chat system that comes as a free add-on with all our streaming packages.

To setup Sunday Streams Chat you can login to your Sunday Streams Manager and go to "Go Player --> Tabs --> Tab Integrations" and click the link that says "Click Here to Activate Your FREE Sunday Streams Chat" and then follow the instructions.

Sunday Streams Chat allows for moderators that can delete posts and ban users by right clicking over a post. To turn users into moderators you login to Sunday Streams Chat as "admin" (your admin login information can be found by going to "Go Player --> Tabs --> Tab Integrations"), and then while logged in to chat as "admin" you navigate to "Menu", and then click the "admin" link at the top, and then click the button to "add or remove moderators", and then check the boxes next to the usernames you want to make moderators, and then click the button to "Submit (takes 5 or 10 seconds)".