The Go Player is a completely customizable and mobile responsive webpage that you can direct viewers to.  Your viewers can view live and on-demand broadcasts, have access any tabs that you enable (such as Bible, chat, giving, social media, etc.) and it will look great regardless of if they are viewing from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  

The Go Player is easy to customize and you don't need to have any knowledge of code to do so.  You are able to completely customize your Go Player by simply pointing, clicking, typing the text you want to appear, and uploading images.  

Many people find that viewing the short demo video below gives a great overview of all the features they can enable and ways that they can easily customize their Go Player.  A number of people work through the video by watching a minute or two of the video, pausing it and quickly making the changes they viewed to their own Go Player, and then repeating the process until they have completely customized their Go Player to make it look like they want.  

Choosing a Go Player link / Church ID

  • If you haven't yet activated your Go Player you will be prompted to enter a link you want your Go Player to be located at.  (Often people choose to have the link be similar to their website address.  If your church website is you may want your link to be 123church, which would make the location of your Go Player be What you enter will also be the Church ID that can be used by the Apple TV channel, and Sunday Streams apps and Roku channel if you desire to use those)


  • Basic Settings     (Change name, information text shown on the Go Player, and the main colors of the Go Player)
  • Customize     (Change the color of virtually any part of the Go Player)
  • Schedule     (Set your time zone, set up a countdown timer based on your broadcast time(s) and turn it on or off.)

Tabs     (Enable features such as chat, Bible, giving, notes, social media and much more)

  • Show Tabs     (Choose what tabs you want to be visible and what order they should be in)
  • Tab Names     (Rename the default names of the tabs or rename using a different language)
  • Tab Integrations     (Activate or select the settings for tab integrations such as social media, giving, chat, Bible, and more)

Advanced     (Uploading images, enabling restrictions on who can view the Go Player, and code an embed code if you want to embed the Go Player on your website)

  • Logo Image     (Upload a png image for your logo.  Recommended height of image is 72 pixels.)
  • Splash Image     (Upload a jpeg image to display when you are not broadcasting live.  Recommended dimensions 640x360.)
  • Background Image     (Upload a jpeg image to be the background of your Go Player.  Recommended dimensions 1000-1500 x 1000-1500)
  • Ticket ID's     (Create ticket IDs to restrict access to the Go Player to those you give the ticket to.  You must then also activate this on the Basic Settings page.)
  • Embed Code     (Make a few selections and then copy code you can insert in your website to embed the Go Player on your website.  Although you can embed it on your site, many clients prefer to link to the Go Player from their website since the Go Player is fully responsive to provide the best viewing experience regardless of if being viewed from computer, tablet or smartphone. People typically utilize the Embed Code found at to get a responsive embed code that they can use to have the live video and archives on their website.)

Customize your Go Player in the Sunday Streams Manager

You can customize your Go Player at

Go Player v3/v4 Setup and Features Video