Download and Install the Sunday Streams Live Encoder

The first step is to download and install the Sunday Streams Live Encoder.  It can be found in your Sunday Streams Manager by clicking PC Encoders > SSLE > Download & License.  The direct link for the page is

TWO IMPORTANT NOTES: The item below about matching the bit rate(s) and resolution(s) set in your encoder and your Sunday Streams Manager is a very important step. Skipping this step can cause playback issues. Secondly, the section at the end discussing a local backup is also very important and is highly recommended. For example, if your local internet connection goes down during your service due to weather, the broadcast may not be fully recorded on the Sunday Streams server. Having a complete local backup available to upload in situations like this can be very important.

Once you have installed the Sunday Streams Live Encoder by following the prompts you should have a screen similar to the screenshot below.  

Bringing Video and Audio into your Streaming Computer

Typically this requires some sort of video capture device to bring your video into the computer you are using for streaming. Many of our clients new to streaming find that they have almost everything they need for streaming (computer, video camera, Internet connection, etc.) except for a video capture device.  Several video capture devices popular with some of our clients can be found in this article

Configure Sunday Streams Live Encoder 

The Sunday Streams Live Encoder is designed to make streaming with Sunday Streams even easier as well as adding some new features and greater compatibility with mobile streaming. Below are the recommended starting setup configuration settings. 

  • Server: Copy the "Server" field from your Sunday Streams Live Encoder Settings page in the Sunday Streams Manager into the Sunday Streams Live Encoder.
  • Video In: Select your video input device and FPS (29.97) and input resolution. (Device must be plugged in before starting the application.) 
  • Audio In: Select your audio input device and sample rate. (Device must be plugged in before starting the application.) 
  • Output: Select the resolution and bit rate you would like.  Set the audio to 128 K (It is best to keep the same aspect ratio in the Video In and the Output.  There is helpful information on fine tuning our broadcast settings so that you get the best quality broadcast in the 10 Simple Steps documentation.)  
  • Saving a local copy of the video:  This is optional, but recommended.  Click the Show Options checkbox, then select the Output tab and check Output 2.  Click File and browse to where you want to save your backup, name the file and click Save.  Select the resolution, video and audio sizes that you want.  

After you get the settings that you want you can click Save to save the profile settings.  If you save it as "default" you will not have to load your settings the next time you log into Sunday Streams.  (If you want to save a local copy you would need to check the settings and rename the file each time you broadcast.)

Set Bit Rate & Resolution in Sunday Streams Manager

The bit rate(s) and resolution(s) you use in your encoder must match the bit rate(s) and resolution(s) listed in your Sunday Streams Manager in the Broadcast Settings -> More... -> Bit Rates & Resolution section. The actual broadcast bit rates use must match those listed in the Sunday Streams Manager so that the adaptive bit rate players will function properly. If you are noticing any playback issues, this is a good first place to look to make sure your broadcast encoder settings match those in the Manager.

Start Streaming 

The next step is to start streaming. You will need to have your computer connected to the Internet with an upload speed of around 500 Kbps or more. (You can do it with less, but you will need to adjust your configuration accordingly.  Please feel free to contact us for assistance) You can test your upload speed with our free speed test. To start streaming simply click the green "Start" button and you should now be streaming live.

A video demonstrating setting up the Sunday Streams Live Encoder can be found below: