Version 2 of our Facebook Live integration system allows you to easily push your live stream to your Facebook account's timeline or a Facebook page by simply logging into your Facebook account. Take a look at our help video or documentation below for a quick start guide.

At Player Options More > Third Party > Facebook Live

  • Connect to a Facebook account that has admin / editor access for the Facebook page you want to stream to.
  • Enter the broadcast title and broadcast description you want used on Facebook Live.
  • Select the destination from the dropdown. (You can select a Facebook page, your own timeline, an event, group, etc.)
  • Click Update Settings.

Now the next time that you start a stream with your software or hardware encoder, it will also be sent out to Facebook Live.

Important Info

  • Before connecting your Facebook account, make sure you are logged onto Facebook with an account that is an admin / editor of the page you want to stream to.
  • Enter the title, description and destination before starting your stream. Do not click Update Settings when you are already streaming, it will restart your stream.
  • You can add a link from the dashboard of the Sunday Streams Manager for easier access to this Facebook Live settings page. Set this at the bottom of the Facebook Live settings page.
  • To change the Facebook account that you are using, click the Change button. 
  • The Facebook account will remain connected until a reauthorization is needed. At that point, simply connect the Facebook account again.