The Sunday Streams Roku channel has been updated. It should be rolled out by Roku on everyone's Roku by the afternoon of January 12th. This doesn't impact any custom Roku channels.

Viewers will need to enter your Stream ID after the update, so you may want to remind them of it.

The update enables support for Playlists (like the Sunday Streams Apple TV app) and improves navigation. Connecting to your content only requires your stream ID, no need for visiting a website for a code like before.

Your viewers with a Roku device, or Roku equipped TV, have the ability to watch your live and archived broadcasts on their TV through the FREE Sunday Streams Roku channel. In order to access the Sunday Streams Roku channel, your viewers will need your church's "Stream ID".

Your Stream ID is located in your main Go Player Info page and can be found in the Sunday Streams Manager by clicking on Player Options -> Go Player.

Once your viewer has the Sunday Streams Roku channel installed on their Roku device, they simply open the channel and follow the onscreen instructions to enter the Stream ID into the channel. Once entered, the channel will remember the Stream ID and your church videos will automatically come up each time they open the channel in the future.

If you have a custom Roku channel, available in the $79 package, then your viewers could download your own Roku channel that would have your own branding and not need to enter your Stream ID the first time that they use the channel.