To use this method, please go to the Facebook Live integration in the Sunday Streams Manager and make sure that the destination data is cleared out, otherwise you will not be able to use this method to send a stream. Click the Red button to clear the settings.

You can have us send your stream to Facebook Live by using the RTMP url and stream name provided for your Facebook page. To find that info from Facebook when logged in as an admin of the page you can go to Publishing Tools > Video Library > +Live to find the page with your RTMP url and stream name.

If streaming to your personal timeline, you can get the RTMP and Stream Name by clicking on the Live Video link above your timeline.

To request access to the multi-platform stream distribution page, please activate it.

To set up or configure the destination(s) that you want to stream to, go to the multi-platform stream distribution page and click on "Configure". If you want to change a destination that you have already set up the button will say "Edit Configuration".

Enter the RTMP / server info and the Stream Name / Key of the platform that you wish to stream to. (Note: If the platform only offers one time use stream names instead of a persistent or fixed stream name it will need to be updated each time.)

Stream Automatically or Manually Start Stream

  • To have your stream distributed to the platform(s) automatically when you start your stream to Sunday Streams, click on "Enable Distribution". To stop automatically sending your stream to the platform, or to enable the ability to manually start and stop your distribution to the platform, click "Disable Distribution".
  • To start your stream distribution manually, have the distribution configured and set to disabled before you start streaming to Sunday Streams. Click "Start Live Distribution" when you want to start distributing you stream to the platform(s). Click "End Distribution" to stop the stream distribution to the platform(s), or stop your stream to Sunday Streams.


  • The status indicators on the Multi-Platform Stream Distribution page will be updated when you open the page and when you click on the Refresh button. If you started streaming after opening the page and want to manually start a stream, click "Refresh" and then "Start Live Distribution".

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 855-278-7326, on live chat at, or send us an email.