To have us send your steam to Facebook Live, please temporarily use our Multi-Platform Stream Distribution method shown below to have us send your stream to Facebook Live. Facebook has made changes to their API that temporarily impacts the standard Sunday Streams Facebook Live integration. The method below will enable us to seamlessly continue to send your stream to Facebook Live. It will take a few minutes to set up the first time and after that will only need to start the stream and enter your title, description and click Go Live. Once the normal Facebook Live integration is working again, you can use the Facebook Live integration or continue using the way described below to stream to Facebook.

Short video demonstrating setting this up is available at

Step 1

Go to the Facebook Live integration in the Sunday Streams Manager and make sure that the destination data is cleared out, otherwise you will not be able to use this method to send a stream. Click the Red button to clear the settings.


Step 2

Click on Multi-Platform Stream Distribution at the top of the page and then click Configure. This is in Player Options More > Third Party > Multi-Platform Stream Distribution.


Clicking Configure shows


Step 3

Log into Facebook with an account that is an admin of the page you want to stream to. Go to that page and then to Publishing Tools > Video Library > +Live to find your RTMP url and stream name that you will copy and paste in the Multi-Platform Stream Distribution page in the Sunday Streams Manager.

Clicking the Live button will show the following


Step 4

Copy the Server URL and Persistent Stream Key from the Facebook Dialog and paste them in the fields on the configure section of the Multi-Platform Stream Distribution Page. Then click Update Settings and if necessary click Enable Distribution. 

After clicking Update Settings, click Enable Distribution. The status will then say Distribution Ready.

Step 5

Start your stream from your software or hardware encoder.

Step 6

On the Facebook Page that you got the RTMP and Stream Key from, enter the Title and Description you want and then click Go Live.

After this initial set up you will only need to do the following steps for future streams.

Step 1

Start your stream on your hardware or software encoder.

Step 2

Logging into Facebook as a page admin, click on Publishing Tools, Video Library, and + Live. Give the video a title, description and click Go Live.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 855-278-7326, on live chat at, or send us an email.