If you'd like to remove a number of public videos that you no longer want or need, the bulk delete feature can help you to do that quicker.

Start using it by going to "Manage Videos > Public" in the Sunday Streams Manager and then clicking on bulk delete feature button.

Bulk Delete Public Archives

Each page will have up to 20 public archive videos. If you have more than 20 public archive videos select the page you want to navigate to at the bottom of the page below the View Public Archives To Bulk Delete By Page message.

Click the checkbox of the videos you want to be deleted and click the Bulk Delete Selected Videos button. If you'd like to delete all videos on the page or start with all videos selected and just unselect the ones you don't want deleted you can use the Check all archives to delete on this page? checkbox at the bottom of the page.

Confirm You Want To Delete Those Videos

After clicking Bulk Delete Selected Videos, you will be be shown the videos you selected to delete and need to click Bulk Delete Archives to confirm you want the videos deleted.

The bulk delete feature is only available for Public videos and is not available for Non Public videos.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback at https://support.sundaystreams.com/support/tickets/new.